3 reasons to join an active women’s adventure (and where to go)


Want to test your limits and travel to a place you thought you couldn’t on your own? Ladies, it’s time to book that trip and consider a solo mission.

We’re encouraging strong, daring and active women to take up an adventure challenge. Your mission – should you choose to accept – will involve friendship, amazing nature encounters and a chance for women-to-women exchanges among locals.

It’s time to hop on the bandwagon for a female-centric tour and explore a destination from a different woman’s lens. Here are some reasons why you should swap your high heels (or, for many of us, our sensible shoes) for a pair of hiking boots.

1. A different dynamic

Trekking through rugged terrains or going on a horseback ride for the first time can feel more manageable among peers, even if they are strangers. Building basic skills together and learning about a new culture with others adds to the group experience. In a way, there is an unspoken sisterhood of support, camaraderie and a sense of security.

We’re celebrating women who test their limits, are gutsy and who seek out adventures this International Women’s Day. Are you up for the challenge? Photo: Ross Daubney

“Joining a trip where you can go at your own pace and push personal boundaries in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment is a winning combination,” says Kate Harper, NSW manager of World Expedition’s specialised tours.

2. Let your hair down

To truly connect you must disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

“Women’s only groups often give women that extra freedom to truly be themselves – a freedom to fully experience a place, try new things, and to push themselves in ways they might not feel they can do in mixed group situations,” explains Harper.

The shared experience away from family and work pressures can foster deep connections and comfort among those who are at different stages of their life. It’s also an opportune way to be involved in things you otherwise thought you couldn’t do on your own.

Two paddlers navigate their canoe through the autumn landscape of the Yukon River. Travellers camped on the banks of the Yukon River in authentic northern wilderness and explored the gold rush relics on the way. Photo: Frits Meyst.

3. Feel included

One of the highlights of travelling with other females who have a passion for life and travel is the bond you create over your collective experiences.

The energy from a group of women empowering other women allows you to test your limits and re-discover yourself and your potentials.

“Women like the bonding and friendships that can develop travelling with a group of like-minded, adventurous women,” Harper explains.

Bond with other adventurous souls on our trekking expeditions. Photo: Tim Charody

“The shared experience of facing challenges and new encounters in a fun, safe and supportive environment, nurtures the soul for many women and is the reason why many women choose to travel on all female adventures.”

No matter your situation you are sure to meet like-minded travellers who are keen to seek new experiences and adventures.

Trip picks for female solo travellers

At the heart of each World Expeditions’ Women’s Adventures, is a commitment to individual’s wellbeing and the opportunity to forge authentic cultural understandings and explorations in the places you visit.

There are opportunities for fun times and, wherever possible, a female local leader will accompany your small group. Our female tours cater for women with our minimal impact philosophy in respect of the environment you are visiting or staying in.

Ladies, it’s time to head out to a real adventure mixed with a bit of comfort and a real immersion into the local culture. From Australia’s iconic Laraprinta Trail to trekking along ancient Inca routes to Machu Picchu, where would you like to visit?

   •  Larapinta Trail, Australia –  walk the best sections of Australia’s most celebrated desert walk while sleeping under the stars in comfortable and exclusive semi-permanent camps. It’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular treks! The trip includes a private bush tucker cooking experience and cultural understanding talk.

   •  Annapurna regions, Nepal – our fully supported treks to in the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges take you through small villages among stunning mountain sceneries. Enjoy a momo cooking class (a Nepalese staple food) in Kathmandu with opportunities for daily yoga under the soaring peaks.

   •  Mt Salcantay & Machu Picchu, Peru – a favourite choice among female travellers are our active adventures through Peru’s cultural and physical wonderlands. You can trek on the flanks of Mt Salcantay, coupled with time in the Sacred Valley where you meet local women of the valley. See the amazing ruins at Machu Picchu and have time to wander and explore Cusco at your own pace.

Local women of Huilloc displaying their handicrafts and weaving. Photo: Mark Tipple

   •  Yukon, Canada – paddle the mighty Yukon River on an introductory canoe trip and spot all sorts of wildlife including the iconic Canadian beaver and otters. Walk in breathtaking national parks, learn about Canada’s First Nations and have dinner over a scenic picnic campfire after your day’s trek.

   •  Torres del Paine, Patagonia – experience Patagonia’s most stunning national park while camping under the backdrop of the stunning peaks of Torres del Paine. Stay in fully sustainable eco-campsites in the dramatic Towers of Paine with trekking, nature walks and bike excursions.

   •  Skaftafell National Park, Iceland – embark on an amazing trek through stunning rhyolite landscapes, traversing along the third largest geothermal zone in the world. Trek on a glacier in Skaftafell National Park, snorkel between tectonic plates and soak in a natural hot spring.

View our complete list of Women’s Adventures and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded female travellers in some of the most spectacular destinations.

Have you travelled solo? What were your experiences like? Let us know in the comments below.

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