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Ever feel like you’ve been there, done that? Want to explore and discover something completely unexpected? It’s often these serendipitous experiences that make for a real adventure. Even if you are keen for new discoveries, most adventurous travellers still have a list of their ‘favourites’. So, let’s mix something you do know with something fresh! We’ve put together our list of lesser visited destinations around the world which will appeal to you if you’ve already discovered some of these popular picks.

If you liked Cuba ↷ try Guatemala

If you feel that the world’s most famous Communist island is changing too fast now that it is welcoming more American travellers, then head to Guatemala instead for a better feel of ‘socialist revolution’. Experience a fascinating insight into the main archaeological, cultural and natural attractions, including the dramatic ruins of Tikal on our Guatemala Encompassed tour.

If you liked Jordan ↷ try Iran

While it may not have iconic landmarks such as Petra, Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilisations. With a long history spanning over 7,000 years, there is no shortage of ancient cities, mosques, minarets and tombs to explore. You could even trek to the summit of Mount Damavand (5,610m) which is steeped in mythology for a more active escape.

Visiting Persepolis in Iran with World Expeditions

© Sunrise Odyssey

If you liked Morocco ↷ try Oman

Oman is an adventure traveller’s utopia: traditional souks, Bedouin settlements, rugged mountains, desert dunes and a rich history. Until as recent as 1893, the sultanate was closed to foreigners. Now you can discover a modern Arabia while still experiencing its ancient soul.

You can stop over in Oman on your way to Europe and explore the remote northern region by jeep and dhow, or go an a more in-depth exploration of the Sultanate of Oman while experiencing all the cultural and historical highlights.

Go camping and trekking in Oman - World Expeditions

If you liked the Amazon ↷ try Papua New Guinea

Just as the Brazilian Amazon is one of the planet’s most incredible enigmas, Papua New Guinea remains one of the world’s least explored countries. There are over 850 indigenous languages still spoken! So, why not challenge yourself on the historical Kokoda Track where you trek through the jungle in the footsteps of famous warriors?

The Kokoda Track takes you to different destinations in Papua New Guinea

If you liked Alaska ↷ try Patagonia

A mix of glacial lakes, towering granite peaks, impressive glaciers, secluded lakes, beech forests and rolling grasslands, Patagonia boasts one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. You will also get to see an abundance of unique wildlife along the trail.

Seasoned trekkers now have a new playground in Patagonia with the opening of a new route linking Chile and Argentina. This offers a traverse of untouched national parks, from the Southern Ice cap to the towers of Paine. Or for those looking to sample a classic, should join our 15-day Paine & Fitz Roy Trek.

Trekking in Patagonia with World Expeditions ©David Taylor

©David Taylor

If you liked Norway ↷ try the Russian Arctic

Rugged and off the beaten track, the Russian Arctic is a region that was until recently ‘off limits’ to western visitors. Now you can travel and experience the tranquil beauty of Russia’s far east for yourself. Experience the fabled Northeast Passage on a pioneering journey from Anadyr to Murmansk on a 28-day expedition cruise.

Only a handful of expedition vessels have ever transited this seaway, but recent changes in the summer sea ice conditions mean this historic and fascinating sea route is now accessible to a few suitably constructed expedition vessels. En route we will attempt landings at Franz Josef Land, the Severnaya Zemyla archipelago and the High Arctic Russian Nature Reserve on Wrangel Island, as well as many other rarely visited sites.

If you liked Kenya ↷ try Madagascar

There is more to African wildlife than the ‘Big Five’. Madagascar is a biodiversity hot spot, with over 80 percent of its plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. Discover another side of Africa on week exploration of the culture and  wildlife of Madagascar, or immerse yourself in the island ‘continent’ on a longer an in-depth Madagascar adventure.

If you liked: Cambodia ↷ try Myanmar

The Angkor Wat complex is one of the most spectacular sights in southeast Asia. Not as famous yet, the temples you can find in the valley of Bagan in Myanmar are widely considered as the finest on the continent. You can see them for yourself on our Myanmar adventures where you can mix up your experience with a bike, hike, kayak or cruise tour.

World Expeditions Unique Holiday Destination: Myanmar and temples of Bagan

Feel a bit unsure about travelling to Myanmar due to the Rohingya events? Read our blog post about travelling responsibly in Myanmar.

Do you have another destination in mind that you would like to ‘re-live’ but with a twist of new discoveries? Get in touch and let us come up with some alternative holiday destinations that you may not have thought of yourself.

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