How to choose your Antarctica expedition

Choosing your Antarctic Expedition

When it comes to planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica, the plethora of choices can be a bit overwhelming. Our adventure experts are only a phone call away to help you out, but in the meantime, here are some tips to help you narrow down your Antarctic Expedition choices.

Best for adventure: Basecamp Antarctic Peninsula

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure then look no further than any of our Basecamp Antarctic Peninsula trips, which offer a range of adventurous activities, including camping, kayaking, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing or even scuba diving. Your vessel will become your floating basecamp allowing you to explore a pocket of the peninsula on numerous shore excursions. Find out more >

Kayaking in Antarctica

Best on a budget: Highlights of the Antarctic

Travelling to the end of the earth doesn’t have to cost the earth! Our 10-day Antarctic Explorer trip showcases the wildlife haven of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula where you are accompanied by our experienced naturalists and expert crew. With prices starting from US$4770, getting to Antarctica has never been more affordable. Find out more >


Best for wildlife: South Georgia

South Georgia is a rare jewel, blessed with huge glaciers, a profusion of wildlife and rich in Antarctic history. From the old whaling station at Grytviken, the burial place of Ernest Shackleton, to the enormous King, Macaroni and Rockhopper Penguins, the island provides visitors with an unforgettable Antarctic experience. Find out more >

Penguins in Antarctica

Best for comfort: Silver Explorer

After a little luxury on your Antarctic expeditions? Hop aboard the luxurious Silver Explorer. With a range of stately cabins, experience naturalists on board and sophisticated regional specialty fine dining, our 20-day South Georgia and Antarctic Explorer journey on the Silver Explorer cannot be beaten for comfort. Find out more >


Best for absolute wilderness: Ross Sea

If you’re looking to really follow in the spirit of the early Antarctic explorers and enjoy abundant wildlife encounters – including King, Gentoo and Southern Rockhopper penguin rookeries, along with Minke and Orca whale sightings – our 30-day Ross Sea Explorer – Footsteps of Scott & Shackleton offers the ultimate Antarctic odyssey.

Sailing from Invercargill in New Zealand into the Antarctic Circle, this journey will take you far beyond what most people see, all the way around the Antarctic coast before returning to Invercargill. Find out more >


Feeling inspired?

Tick off an Antarctic voyage from your bucket list – view our full range of expeditions. Use our advanced search finder to tailor your preferences on activities, dates, price and more.

Which Antarctic trip appeals to you most? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jane 17 November, 2016 at 02:51 Reply

    Great tips on how to decide what kind of Antarctic Expedition to choose. It’s such an incredible part of the world to get to explore, but can be done in quite a few different ways. Thanks for sharing.

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