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The state of Kerala is one of our favourite destinations and now, more than ever, Keralite’s need your support.

Its relaxed pace, the warmth of the local people, the outstanding food, fascinating history, exciting wildlife sanctuaries and the treasure chest of beautiful, natural environments – from picturesque coasts to the highlands carpeted in tea plantations – provide travellers with colourful and inspiring memories.

For those who have considered a trip to Southern India, and even travellers looking for new destinations to discover, now is the time to push Kerala to the top of your bucket list. The resilience of the local people was evident immediately after the recent devastating floods, with the clean-up beginning in earnest and many businesses are expected to re-open by as early as the 1st of September.

The trickle down economic benefits of travel help to support so many local people. Rather than avoiding the state, because of the recent floods, we encourage you to do the exact opposite.

The best way to support Kerala is to support the economy

“The best way to support Kerala is to support the economy,” says Vishal, our local partner on the ground in Kerala.

“Tourism is one of the biggest forms of revenue for Kerala and many local people make their livelihoods through tourism. From the tea shops to the tender coconut vendors, drivers to destinations guides, waiters at resorts to small homestays, a lot of families survive because of tourism. It will take some time for Kerala to get back to normal, but as long as there is income for families, they will fight their way through.”

According to Vishal, restoration is already underway and the destinations visited on our adventures will not be impacted.

All the major roads to tourism destinations are motorable already and any main roads that are closed for maintenance are accessible by detours on alternate roads. The Public Road Works department is planning to finish all the maintenance work by mid-September and after that there should not be any restrictions on traffic.

These road restorations do not affect any of our cycling routes and none of the campsites we utilise on our trips were affected during the floods. Our trekking routes were also not affected as they are situated well above the flooded areas.

“The Keralite people have built societies in all parts of the world, and now, we will rebuild our state. Hard work has never been alien to us. The restoration of our amenities is our priority and your safety is paramount. The businesses now shut will be up and running by the 1st of September, 2018. Comfort us most by doing business with us; support us by trusting our instincts about our land. Be a part of our resurgence,” says Vishal.

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