6 Must-Try Dishes When in Vietnam & Cambodia

Fried spiders on sale at Skuon market in Cambodia

Southeast Asia is home to a huge variety of delicious dishes and in many Southeast Asian countries people eat several smaller meals or snacks a day – instead of the standard three meals we normally have. To cater for all these snacks, you will find lots of food stalls lined up along the sidewalks and roads on your trip in Cambodia or Vietnam.

We have compiled six typical Asian snacks that are well worth a try when visiting Cambodia and Vietnam. Some of these snacks are for the daring and adventurous, while others are a little less so… So whether you are on one of our bike trips like our Ho Chi Minh to Angkor by Bike or multi-activity holidays – we hope you get a chance to try some of these tasty dishes!

#1 Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Different types of spring rolls snacks you must try in Vietnam


Either already rolled for you or served on a plate with fresh leaves, shrimps or pork, and vermicelli noodles, these are a perfect snack at any time of day!


#2 Sticky Rice in Bamboo

Sticky rice in bamboo from the barbecue is delicious for breakfast


A snack you can typically find on our trips cycling in the countryside after an early morning departure. Sitcky rice is wrapped in bamboo or banana leaves and fried on the barbecue. Do bring some hand sanitizer with you, as your hands will be sticky as well after you’ve finished eating.


#3 Roasted Bananas

Bananas on the barbecue are a delicious snack in Cambodia


Ever seen or tasted those mini bananas you can find all over Southeast Asia? When we’re passing markets or small towns on our bike trips, we’re likely to see these types of sweeter and more glutinous bananas with five or six on a stick on the barbecue. They’re a delicious bite when you’re after some carbohydrates. Even better, they normally set you back just 50 pence for a small bag.


#4 Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a French baguette or bun you can eat in Vietnam


The good thing the French left behind in the culture of Vietnam is their baguette. On basically every street corner in Vietnamese cities and towns you can find a small cart with baguette and pate on offer, locally called banh mi. Choose as many toppings as you like and that’s your fresh lunch readily served for you!


#5 BBQ Frog

When in Southeast Asia, why not try to eat frog


Frog? Yes! Frog! Although a bit heavy on bones, the actual meat that you get from a barbecue frog is soft and tender. Sometimes also available in frog cakes (compare with the better known fish cakes), they make for a nice quick bite on a pit stop.

#6 Fried Spiders

Fried spiders on sale at Skuon market in Cambodia


We’ve all shivered with the thought of it, but for the real adventurers among us, an ultimate Cambodian snack to try is a deep fried tarantula spider. The spiders are available at the notorious Skuon market near Siem Reap. Ask your guide for other places to buy these local delicacies, they are eaten throughout Cambodia.


On our Ho Chi Minh to Angkor Bike trip you will most likely be able to try each of these snacks for yourself. We’re very curious to hear which is your favourite of course!

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