3 reasons for an Australian Family Holiday!


This summer, why not escape the typical family holiday and have a family adventure instead? These adventures are the perfect way to excite, educate and entertain all of the family. Explore some of the most stunning, rugged and remote areas of Australia and Tasmania on a multi day walking adventure, spending evenings camping under the moonlight, sharing stories and making memories.

As we believe travelling is more than just sight-seeing, our family trips have been crafted to immerse you deep into the wilderness.  Most are manicured with a young traveller in mind and the minimum age is typically 8-11 years old. The pace of these holidays is more relaxed, giving you time to explore a destination, spending your days walking in stunning locations off the beaten track.

For families with younger children who are yearning for adventure, we also offer tours as private groups, which cater for children between 2-10 and are customizable to your needs. All you need to do is contact us and speak to one of our friendly consultants, and we can work with you on an adventure perfectly suited for your family.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the benefits of embarking on a family adventure!

The family that plays together, stays together…

Most families have busy schedules, full of work, school, extra curricular activities, friends parties, the list goes on… So how can you spend time as a family and really get to know each other during the holidays? Simple! Make use of your holidays and have a family adventure instead! Find an activity that allows you to spend time as a family and get to know each other – without the daily distractions. Better yet, combine this activity while exploring some of the most stunning landscapes that Australia has to offer.

An education like no other…

School may teach your children about maths, science and English, but when it comes to gaining a real-world appreciation of nature and the environment, some things are better experienced than taught. Trekking gives your children the opportunity to learn first hand about things they may have learnt in school, creating an interactive learning experience that will teach children about geography, climate, the environment, history and so much more. The cherry on the top? Learning through experience is way more fun for them than learning it through homework.

An adventure is just around the corner… literally!

One of the best things about our family adventures is that you don’t even need to leave the country to have one! Australia’s safe, remote and rugged wilderness is perfectly explorable, and teaching your children from a young range how diverse, stunning and beautiful their own back yard will give them a newfound appreciation for their home land and champion for its conservation in later years!

Our Top Family Adventures?

Cradle Mountain Short Escape

Cradle Mountain Family AdventureWhat better way to explore the rich diversity of Tasmania’s Cradle mountain National Park than with your family on a short escape? This three day adventure involves carrying just a day pack, with achievable challenges like a summit of Cradle Mountain, exploring the fascinating caves of the Mole Creek Karst National Park, and best of all, the whole family will enjoy it! With a level 2 grading, and prices for children starting at an affordable $800 per child (8-11 years old), up to $1095 for adults, the Cradle Mountain short escape is one of our most popular family trips.

Kakadu Walking Adventure

Kakadu Walking AdventureExplore the Top End’s secret spots on a 6 day walking tour that reveals the magic of Kakadu! Wander past sparkling waterfalls, remote gorges and ancient indigenous rock art sites on this series of day walks that combine active adventure with comfortable wilderness camping in our semi-permanent campsites. Throw in a river cruise down the Yellow Waters to spot saltwater crocodiles and wild brumbies and you have a family adventure that everyone will love! With prices starting at $400 for 8-11 year olds, $800 for 12-15 year olds, and adult prices at $2,295, this affordable trip is a must for any active family looking for a great summer adventure!

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