6 Great New Years’ Eve Ideas for Adventurers


Ah, New Years Eve. That auspicious evening that sets the tone for the year ahead, when we make our resolutions to exercise more, eat better, see the world. The day for which planning is everything, and if you’re not careful you could end up welcoming the new year with a vague sense of déjà vu – same old parties, same old fireworks display.

We’re here to help. Remember those resolutions from last year? Put them into action, and welcome the coming new year somewhere inspiring!

Here are 6 fantastic New Years’ Eve ideas for adventurers and travellers, as suggested by each of our destination experts.

Experience Japanese New Year

Beautiful Kimono in Japan

In Japan New Years’ Eve is an extremely important festival day, and a treat for travellers to experience first hand. At midnight, locals head out to visit Buddhist temples across the country, where a bell is rung 108 times to rid them of their worldly desires. The festival atmosphere at the temples is intoxicating, with food vendors, music, lanterns and beautiful Kimono everywhere to be be seen. Not to be missed!

Our Kii Hanto Pilgrim Hike has departures at the end of December 2016, the perfect start to the new year.

Celebrate at the base of Everest…

Happy Trekker at Everest Base Camp

There is nothing like winter in the Everest region. The landscape becomes a glistening snowy wonderland, with frozen waterfalls, clear days and less other trekkers on the trails. Ring in the new year high up in the mountains, where you can really fulfill that resolution to see the world!

Our Everest Circuit & Cho La departing 15 December 2016 will spend New Years’ Eve high in the mountains, near Everest Base Camp.

…or the peak of Kilimanjaro

Uhuru Peak Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Start the new year with a fresh perspective – from the highest point on the African continent!

Mt Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak (5895m) is one of the seven summits, and a bucket-list item for most fit trekkers. The Shira Route has a high success rate for reaching the summit due to its more gradual rate of ascent – making this route one of the best choices for those with their heart set on welcoming the new year from the top of the world’s highest free-standing mountain.

Our Kilimanjaro – Shira Route departing on 30 December 2016 is scheduled to reach the summit in the first week of the new year.

Test your limits on Tasmania’s South Coast Track

South Coast Track, Tasmania, Australia

Here’s one for those truly committed to that fitness resolution!

The South Coast Track is Tasmania’s answer to Kokoda. It is extremely challenging, but incredibly rewarding for those who are ready for it. The South Coast Track is a true wilderness experience, traversing 85km of Tasmania’s most remote beaches, rainforest and alpine landscapes. This brings a new meaning to having a wild night.

Our South Coast Track Trek departing on 28 December will spend New Years Eve on the track.

Gain good luck for your future travels in Peru

Cusco, Peru

The original capital of the Inca empire and the gateway to Machu Picchu, UNESCO world heritage-listed Cusco abounds with amazing archaeological sites and colonial architecture.

On New Years’ Eve, Cusco’s Plaza de Armas (the main square) fills with revelers who gather for fireworks, music and to participate in an exciting blend of Inca and Spanish traditions. The colour of the day is yellow, a traditional Inca symbol of good luck. Wearing yellow underwear is a popular choice amongst locals!

After midnight, residents and tourists alike can be seen taking a lap of the block with suitcases, which is thought to bring travel opportunities for the New Year. A great tradition for lovers of travel to join in, who knows where you might end up next year?

Our Best of South America – Over 55s Adventure departing on 14 December will spend New Years Eve at Lake Titicaca.

Take an Antarctic expedition

Swimmers in Antarctica

A great option for those who are truly planning ahead.

Welcome the new year aboard a vessel bound for the great southern wilderness. It’s a place where few can say they have been, and the perfect time of year for wildlife watching and photography – with 22 hours of daylight, there will be plenty of opportunities!

Our New Year in Antarctica departs on 25 December 2016 – we recommend booking sooner rather than later, this one is filling fast!

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