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For anyone seeking a remote experience in South America, few can resist the spectacular rugged wilderness of Patagonia. The barren, wild and beautiful frontier of South America offers seasoned trekkers the chance to experience some of the most captivating and untouched national parks on the continent.

While there are many different experiences to be had, our pick of litter is the Great Patagonian Traverse– a 15 day journey that travels the length of Patagonia from Coyhaique in the north to Puerto Natales in the South, mostly on foot and by boat.

This exceptional trail leads you right through the heart of the legendary Patagonian Andes. Characterised by volcanic fields, snow covered mountain ranges, lush forests, idyllic Andean valleys and glaciated lakes, this challenging back country is as beautiful as it is diverse. As you explore the remote territory, you’ll see a side of Patagonia rarely seen by other trekkers.

This wonderful trip combines excellent hiking with opportunities to view some of Patagonia’s best and most beautiful natural features up close. This is much more than a walking trip though. The walks up to Mt Fitz Roy base camp and the Cerros del Paine are outstanding. So too, are the glaciers, steppes, forests and lakes. Boat trips on the lakes and bus journeys through the ever-changing landscape give you a wide-angle view of Patagonia. On the initial section in wild Chilean Patagonia you gain a deep appreciation of the ruggedness and isolation of the country and by the time you reach Punta Arenas via Argentinian Patagonia and the Torres del Paine W-hike, you can feel sure that you’ve really experienced the richness and diversity of Patagonia.Tony W.,

The Great Patagonian Traverse is a wonderful journey providing a taste of all that Patagonia has to offer, built around some brilliant walking. The scenery simply has to be seen to be believed – no matter how many photos you have seen of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy when you see them close up your mouth just drops open.- S. Puizina

Home to a treasure trove of wildlife and natural beauty, the Great Patagonian Traverse includes highlights such as the W trek, Patagonia’s most famous hiking route that includes mind-blowing volcanic peaks, vibrant lakes and tumbling glaciers. There’s also opportunities to visit the Grey Glacier, an expansive 30m high wall of ice part the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the world’s second largest contiguous ice field outside of the north and south poles. Here, you’ll view icebergs that glow a brilliant electric-blue against a backdrop of soaring mountains – an astonishing beauty to behold.

Finally, trek to the base of Torres del Paine for one of the most unforgettable mountain views in the world. These spectacular granite pillars soar almost vertically more than 2000m above the Patagonian alps, and are best seen during the spellbinding spectacle when the sun rises and casts a brilliant hue over the giant rock crags.

Experience Patagonia on the Great Patagonian Traverse

Book on the Great Patagonian Traverse between November – February for a traverse of untouched national parks, from the Southern Ice cap to the towers of Paine. World Expeditions’ 15 day guided trek is an exceptional way to experience the highlights of Patagonia via a little-known route. Learn More

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