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Meet Hani, one of the travellers who will be on the Mongolia Challenge in support of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation this August. Hani will be packing his bags in just over two months for the adventure of a lifetime and ahead of this trip, we asked him some questions.

How did you hear about the challenge?

I met Paul, who went to Mongolia with CNCF last year, at a leaving do in April.

Why did you sign up for this adventure in Mongolia?

I like to get involved! Paul talked about the challenge across wonderful country wilderness and the fact that it contributes to children’s education. It was an easy decision I made in a few minutes.

How is training going for you?

From the moment I registered, my mindset changed. I became focused on the target, more persistent, and allowed little or no distraction to my programme. The plan is to increase the workout intensity to get in shape prior to the challenge without injuring myself..


A ger camp on the Mongolia Charity Challenge

Can you tell us about your fundraising activities?

I have been encouraged by friends, colleagues and family in every single way. For example, colleagues from across 10 departments gave me outstanding support when I did a bake sale at the office and I’ve also sold some unneeded personal items. CNCF also provided us with a personalised online donation page which is really helpful. I want to do one more fundraising activity and I’ll probably reach my target.

What are you most looking forward to on the Mongolia challenge?

I want to strengthen my belief that we can help others in need. I truly believe that “the real equality starts by offering an equal opportunity for children to access education wherever they are in this world.” I expect that the challenge will even bring more benefits to me such as meeting like-minded people, utilizing my time efficiently by getting fit and helping others and surviving a mental challenge. I’m sure I’ll gain new insights and something in my life will change. I’m looking forward to it!



Join an adventure across the wild Mongolian plains to experience local nomadic culture and see diverse flora and fauna all in support of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF). Rated as a tough challenge, it will include nine days of mountain biking, hiking and horse riding while camping under the stars. Spend a day at the Blue Skies Ger Village in Ulaanbaatar where street children and orphans are given a loving home complete with a Ger Mother, hot showers, warm meals and regular visits by doctors. It’s not too late to join this 9-day Mongolia Challenge in August!

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