Meet Your Uzbekistan Travel Guide: Tahir

World Expeditions' Uzbekistan travel guide Tahir

Hello everybody my name is Tahir. I was born near the city of Khiva, but for the last 30 years I have been living in Tashkent. Here, I have been working since 1996 as an English-speaking travel guide. I am 48 and I’m married, my wife is a travel guide for French speaking travellers. Together we have three boys, my oldest and second son are both an Uzbekistan travel guide as well and they speak English, French and Russian. I am already a proud grandfather of my first granddaughter. My youngest son is studying at the moment and would like to become a tour guide as well!

I don’t have much free time, but if I have some, I like to travel – I have been to many countries. I enjoy reading interesting books and listening to classical music.

As a travel guide ‘work’ means to be a part of someone’s happiest holiday memories.


When did you decide to become a travel guide in Uzbekistan and why?

After graduating from Uzbekistan State University of World Languages I worked for two years at the same University as a teacher. My hobby has always been to talk with foreigners though and that’s why I decided to change my job to work in tourism.

What are your responsibilities on a trip around Uzbekistan?

My responsibilities as a travel guide are to assist travellers to get to the places they like to go to give and information about the sights and history of Uzbekistan. The best part in my job is to show first time travellers the way around Uzbekistan, a new destination for them.

My hobby has always been to talk with foreigners and that’s why I decided to work in tourism.


What do you like best about being an Uzbekistan travel guide?

As a travel guide ‘work’ means to be a part of someone’s happiest holiday memories. Most funny time it is like anyone who takes a tour, at the end of a trip you are best friends with the other people who shared the experience with you. That means, as a tour guide, you will have hundreds of friends and thousands of acquaintances scattered across the world who were once on your tours.

What is your favourite place to go in Uzbekistan?

My favourite place in Uzbekistan is Khiva, because it is well known in the world as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and because it is like an open-air museum. I also like noble Bukhara with its historical and architectural sights. Samarkand is another one of my favourite places, because it is the Pearl of the East and the heart of Central Asia with a history of more than 2750 years old. I like each corner in my motherland because all of them are special.

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If travellers want to bring a little gift for people in Uzbekistan, what should it be?

If travellers decided to bring some souvenirs with them to Uzbekistan, I advise it could be something useful for children. It is best to ask World Expeditions for ideas and when in Uzbekistan give your gifts to a teacher or school who can then give them away.

Do you have any advice for people who will be travelling to Uzbekistan?

For the tourists who would like to visit Uzbekistan, I suggest them to bring with them good sun protection such as hats & other head covers and creams. In Uzbekistan we have more than 300 sunny days. My suggestion before you travel is to read up on our local Uzbek cultures and learn a few words of our local language – travelling with respect earns you respect.

I wish to the World Expeditions travellers new discoveries and many more sweet memories.

May you have a fun and memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience in Uzbekistan!

With best regards,



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