Travel for the Mind Journeys with George Negus


What exactly does it mean to Travel for the Mind? As one of Australia’s best known and worldly travelled media professionals, George Negus, knows that well-informed, thoughtful travel can be an enriching experience that broadens and deepens the mind.

The Travel for the Mind concept has been specially crafted by George Negus and his partner Kirsty Cockburn, drawing on the extensive experience and valuable contacts George has gained over his 30 plus years of travelling the globe as a journalist.

George says these journeys with him are like journalism without a television camera and a smaller and a no less critical “audience.”

On the road with you, he draws upon his extensive knowledge and experience from his myriad of global travel destinations, to help our travellers better grasp the tricks of the trade when you must arrive with little knowledge of a destination but depart those locations with a story to tell and thus a greater understanding of where you’ve been and the lives of those you’ve met.

George prefers to see these excursions as not just travel, but “life experiences” for the culturally, socially and even political curious.

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