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When Luisa and her partner came back from their private Cambodia by Bike trip in April, she was so enthusiastic that she wrote us a fantastic Cambodia cycling review. We wanted to share her little note with you so that you could learn a bit more about this cycling holiday in Southeast Asia.

Our tour guide Nicky, probably his nickname, and the driver were absolutely fantastic. They were friendly knowledgeable and above all of a kindness difficult to find nowadays!

The Cambodian people are incredible

Some cycling days were tough due to reasons varying between high temperature at this time of year in Cambodia and the very, very poor conditions of the environment surrounding us.

I do not regret any single moment spent in Cambodia and I’ll go again tomorrow if it was possible. I’m also glad that we booked a private cycling tour as this allowed us to pick up our own pace during the trip.

Being in very remote countryside allowed us to get a perfect insight into Cambodian reality. We even stopped for a wedding where we got invited to stay for lunch!! And this is exactly the kind of unique experience that we were looking for.

Luisa & partner on a Cambodia Cycling Holiday - World Expeditions

We even stopped for a wedding where we got invited to stay for lunch!

Also, the hotels where we stayed were really good and we have also appreciated the fact that some of the restaurants were part of community projects.

All in all, a beautiful life experience and Renee, our consultant with World Expeditions, was right; the Cambodian people are incredible, they live with very little but they are prepared to share everything with you if you like, mind blowing really!

Thank you again for organising this Cambodia cycling holiday for us, all worked perfectly.


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