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Several weeks ago, we introduced you to Peter Griffith who was preparing for his Everest High Passes trek. Early November he returned from this trip that also included an Everest Base Camp Trek. Reviews from Peter of the trek have been very positive and we wanted to share his experiences and feedback with you via this way.

Read on to find out about the best meal on Everest, according to Peter, what it’s like to be trekking with a group of unknown people from around the world, and of course for an update on his fundraising efforts!

  1. What would your high passes and Everest Base Camp trek reviews be?

The higher passes trip on Everest was perfect for me, a really good choice. It ticked all the boxes for me and exceeded my expectations.

  1. What do you think about your Nepalese guides?

The Nepalese guides on our Everest High Passes trek were truly incredible. They kept us safe and helped anyone who was struggling as they really wanted us all to finish strong. I cannot praise them enough!!

  1. What do you think of trekking on Everest with an international group of unfamiliar people?

Initially that was my main concern, as I am not really a people person, but they were a great group to trek with. We had lots of laughs and banter. We all gelled really well and had different strengths, which made it a great experience to for example be at Everest Base Camp together.

  1. What item were you most happy with to have brought along?

My hiking poles. They really helped your knees, especially on the descent. If I had to review what I had missed most while trekking, it must have been my bed. I was so glad to be home and in my own bed again!

  1. What meal you had on the trek would you review best?

Chilli chicken in Namche Bazaar on our return was definitely the best food I had on the trek. As firstly it was so delicious, but it had also been quite a while since we had fresh meat and it was prepared nice and spicy, which I love.

Gokyo Lakes on Everest High Passes trek - World Expeditions

Overlooking Gokyo Lakes in Nepal

  1. How did the fundraising for your charity go?

Fund raising went well, I raised over £800 so the charity should be able to do some good things for our veterans, they were in contact all through my trip and posted updates on their social media sites. I even received a donation from a couple on another World Expeditions that I met along the way. I had dinner with them and they had noticed my Care After Combat flag on my day pack.

  1. Ahead of your trip you did quite some preparations, did it pay off?

Yes, the preparation I did ahead of my Everest High Passes trek did pay off! I was the least experienced trekker in our group, so mammoth for a first challenge. I am very proud that I completed, and without any altitude medication!

  1. Was the mental or physical challenge easier to deal with on your trek?

For me the mental challenge was easier to deal with on the Everest trek, but really they go hand in hand. You will not succeed in completing the Everest High Passes trek and making it to Everest Base Camp without both strengths.

Physically the trek was an extreme challenge in my opinion. Day after day, just putting one foot in front of the other, for up to 7 hours. Because of the altitude it was just so hard. Some days we starting trekking at 4am, to get over the passes before daylight and take in the best views.

  1. What did you learn about the way of life in the Himalayas?

Nepalese mountain people were all warm and welcoming. I find it amazing how truly happy they all seemed, considering they live in such extreme conditions. It is a totally different way of life to living in UK, but I think travel is good for us all to see how other people live.

  1. What would you like to say to other people thinking about trekking in Nepal?

Do not give it a second thought! Get your trip booked with World Expeditions wherever you decide to go, my feedback has been praising. In the Himalayas, if you want to experience something amazing in one of the world’s most beautiful and breath-taking surroundings, you will not be disappointed, get preparing!!!!


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Peter joined our Everest High Passes trek and you too can take up this challenge in the months of March, September or October. To find out about the exact dates, have a look at the trip description or get in touch with our team of travel experts around the world.

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