Romance in the Ancient Persian Empire: Why This Makes for a Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Cappadocia in Turkey

Persian poets have created some of the world’s oldest literature and in two-and-a-half millennia the area that spans Iran, Iraq, the Caucasus and Turkey has served as the décor for love verses by poets such as Hafez, Rumi and Ferdowsi.

This is why the countries of the former Persian Empire create the perfect setting for one of our most romantic trips. It goes from mystical Iran to the wonders of Mtskheta via other hidden gems in Georgia and Armenia travelling historical sites, scenic splendours and vibrant cultures…


Darband: Charming Cafes

A cafe in Darband in Tehran, Iran

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From Darband, meaning ‘gateway’ in Persian, it’s possible to take in the vastness of the Iranian capital’s sprawl.  This mountain area north of Tehran is famous fo the culinary delights that await you at the many cafes on the top of the hill. The area is very popular with local Iranians and Darband gets quite busy in the evenings when they gather for a sweet tea and shisha.


Jewellry Museum: Special Presents?

Did you know that in Tehran you can see the largest uncut diamond in the world? The National Jewellry Museum holds the best collection of its kind anywhere in the world. You might even get some inspiration for another very special Valentines Day present…


Alborz Mountains: Cherry Growing Village

The Alborz Mountains in Iran

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The Alborz Mountains are home to the fabled Assassins Castles, one of which is located in the picturesque cherry growing village of Gazor Khan. The ancient mountain fortress above this charming village played a significant role in Persia’s history.


Roodkhan Castle: Astounding Views

Roodkhan Castle in the ancient Persian Empire

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Another romantic spot, also with a less pretty history, can be reached via a dense and spectacular jungle and pebble-studded stairs. With the beautifully preserved ancient brick and stone Roodkhan Castle and its unmissable views from the top it’s easy to imagine where the Persian poets got their inspiration.


Sareyn: Hot Springs with A View

After skirting the Caspian Sea there is the small hot springs resort of Sareyn. It is a fantastic place for an overnight as from here you can have mesmerising views of Mt Sabalan (4811 m) that sits on the plains above this Iranian village.


Areni: World’s Oldest Wine

The oldest wine in the world is from Armenia

© Zorah Wines

Drive the serpentine road through Armenia’s deepest canyon to reach a family-owned winery in Areni, the country’s wine capital. This is also the site where world’s oldest wine-making facility is found. Although in the time of the ancient Persians, wine was probably rather used in burial ceremonies than to raise a glass on Valentines Day.


Lake Sevan: Pearl of Armenia

Lake Sevan in Armenia

© Varmin1

Lake Sevan is also called ‘Pearl of Armenia’ and at 1900 meters it is one of the largest high altitude lakes in the world. If lucky, you may even witness the waters of the lake changing colours!


Imagine taking in all these sights and being on this epic journey in the ancient Persian Empire from Iran to Tbilisi via Armenia with your loved one. Our next guaranteed departure is in April and you can get in touch with one of our teams for bookings or more information.

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