Virtual Mont Blanc Trip Preparation

Climbing Mont Blanc Summit. Photo Pierre Schmidt

Major search engine Google has brought to life a Google Cultural Institute to set up a virtual museum, which can prove to be a great contribution to your Mont Blanc trip preparation. The online museum is host to a World Wonders Project that collects all kinds of digital information on modern and ancient world wonders. It covers the USA National Parks Service centennial celebration, Machu Picchu in Peru, Angkor temples in Cambodia and almost everything in between.

Another one of such world wonders is of course Mont Blanc: Western Europe’s highest peak where we have prepared quite a few trips. We’re a big fan of the Mont Blanc exhibition in the World Wonders Project that has street view maps, an exhibition on trains, and lots of items like old postcards and images. Besides the museum, Google Maps has come with a behind-the-scenes addition to explore more of the mountain peak of France, Italy and Switzerland.

Mont Blanc - Google World Wonders Project - World Expeditions

With the Street View technology, you can explore the mountain in an almost real-life experience and use this for your Mont Blanc trip preparation. Using the same principle as the Street View you are probably already using to navigate to that specialised hidden gear shop, you can now ‘walk’ the mountain paths of Mont Blanc and enjoy the magnificent views from behind your screen.

Mont Blanc trip preparation via street view - World Expeditions

Google had even teamed up with for example Ueli Steck to create this amazing record. You can zoom in to look back at when Ueli climbed a wall of ice or when he did an ascend of the vertical rocks of the South Face of Pointe Lachenal on Mont Blanc.

Ueli Steck climbing Mont Blanc for Google Maps - World Expeditions

We think all of this gives a fantastic way for you to see what climbing or trekking Mont Blanc is like and can be an extra way to prepare you for your Mont Blanc trip, whether it be a Mont Blanc Ascent including a three-day course, guided Mont Blanc horseshoe walk, or a seven-day Mont Blanc family adventure.

If you like more information on preparing for your Mont Blanc trip or our complete offer of Mont Blanc walking holidays, just contact our teams of travel experts in one of our adventure travel offices around the world!

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