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Everyone that has been on a trekking holiday knows: finding a comfortable, clean and relaxing place to stay at the end of a day’s trek is the ultimate reward. Luckily you can be sure of this on our treks that follow the trail in the Everest and Annapurna regions when we take you on an eco camping adventure.

Our eco campsites are a unique and sustainable approach to adventure travel combined with responsible tourism. We have set up a number of semi-permanent campsites so that you can enjoy eco camping with a minimal cost to the environment while at the same time contributing to the economic benefit of the nearby local communities.

This way we’ve made it possible to enjoy complete spacious tents, comfortable (real) beds, thick mattresses, composting toilets and basins. All camps have a dining room that uses eco-friendly heating and usually offer superb views over the Himalaya mountains, which you’ve probably travelled here for!

Watch the video about eco camping in Nepal

All campsites are exclusive to World Expeditions and offer a comfortable and truly unique experience for you when trekking with us in the Himalaya. Want to make sure of a stay in one of our eco campsites to benefit the communities? Here is an overview of some our Himalaya trekking holidays that include eco camping:

For more information contact our teams of travel experts around the world.

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