‘Mersi’ British Airways! New Flights to Tehran

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We have warmly welcomed the announcement that British Airways will reintroduce its service from London Heathrow to Iran this summer after a four-year pause.


Direct flights between London Heathrow and Tehran will resume from 14 July 2016 onwards. Initially the airline will operate the route six times a week and this is planned to increase to a daily service later in the year. It is the latest in a series of positive developments between the two countries. Six months ago the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) lifted its warning for travelling to Iran. This was soon followed by the reopening of the UK embassy in Tehran and the Iranian embassy on Kensington Court in London, which has now started issuing visas to Iran again.

Travelling from other parts of Europe? Lufthansa, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines and Aegean Airlines airlines have all introduced new or additional flights to Tehran, so check with our team for the most convenient connection.

Now that travelling to this very hospitable country has become so much easier, here is a short list of everyday words and phrases in Farsi. Even though the average Iranian person speaks English fine, using some words in Farsi, might be a great way to start a conversation!


Good day!  ||  Salaam!

Thank you  ||  Mersi

Can I have some water please?  ||  Loftan ab be man bede

Yes  ||  Bale

No  ||  Na

Where is the hotel?  ||  Hotel kojast?

Straight ahead  ||  Mostaghim

Left  ||  Dast-e chap

Right  ||  Dast-e rast

Goodbye  ||  Khoda hafez

If all of these developments made you want to travel to this very hospitable country, please find an overview of World Expeditions trips to Iran. For more information and booking requests, please contact our team of travel experts in the London office directly.


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