Sustainable ‘glamping’ in Patagonia’s Torres Del Paine

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At the southernmost end of the Americas lies wild Patagonia; a vast beautiful landscape that stretches out across southern Chile and Argentina.

Dotted with awe-inspiring glaciers and mountains, the region offers trekkers spectacular wilderness that is home to flamingos, condors, guanacos, puma and nandus. However, sadly, the region is threatened as less than five per cent of its wild areas have any conservation status.

Visitors to this region are encouraged to travel responsibly to preserve its unique ecosystem. One option is to stay in an eco camp, which we offer on our Torres Del Paine trip.

Located in the very heart of the Torres Del Paine National Park, our sustainable camps provide a back to nature experience, yet spare nothing when it comes to comfort. This is a memorable way to experience the wilds of Patagonia with the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Patagonia EcoCamp - Outside Domes

Camp in heart of Torres Del Paine National Park at minimal impact on the environment

The eco camp is a fully sustainable tribute to the Kaweskar people (who were ancient nomadic inhabitants in Patagonia) with comfortable domes modelled on their traditional design.

The geodesic structures are perfectly suited to the Patagonian climate, withstanding wind, rain and snow whilst featuring organic elements, wooden floors and windows in the ceiling to stargaze at night.

Take a look inside:

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