Top 5 Christmas Adventures


Planning a trip for the holiday season can never start early enough – do you go for an all time classic destination or do you choose something new and exciting? If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, perhaps you are hoping to escape the cold and wet winter this Christmas and escape to a summer climate- or for those in the Southern hemisphere, maybe you’d like to find out what a white Christmas is like. Whatever the case, it sounds like some Christmas adventures is in order!

If this year you want to hang up your stocking somewhere different, here are some inspirational ideas around the globe by World Expeditions.

Top 5 Christmas Destinations

1. Patagonia

Fitz Roy National Park, Patagonia

Fitz Roy National Park, Patagonia

Towering granite peaks, secluded lakes and stunning glaciers set amongst beech forests and rolling grasslands: this spectacular scenery sets the perfect background for a breathtaking adventure into the wonderland that is Patagonia. Stay in comfortable iconic lodges, cruise up the stunning fjords to impressive glaciers and spot a mighty condor soaring overhead!

World Expeditions’ 15-day Paine & Fitz Roy Trek combines the two most famous national parks in Patagonia, Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine. Departing on 11 December 2016.


2. Costa Rica


An adventure high on the wish list of active adventurers keen to take on the challenge of traversing Costa Rica under their own steam. From cloud forests and powerful rapids to tropical rainforests and banana plantations, this crossing takes you on bike, foot, raft and kayak across Costa Rica’s spectacular natural wilderness through to the Caribbean coast.

Spend the holiday season crossing Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean with World Expeditions’ 12-day Costa Rica Traverse. Departs 21 December 2016.


3. Antarctica


A journey of endless photographic opportunities. Marvel at the surreal landscapes and take in the wonders of the earth’s least visited continent with this new fly/cruise option that allows less time at sea and lower prices but still the same quality voyage. With the most dramatic scenery, Antarctica is all about discovery and exploration.

World Expeditions’ Christmas in Antarctica journey is specially designed to take in the natural wonders of Antarctica in just 11 days. Departing on 17 December 2016.


4. Vietnam

Local in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts not only some of the friendliest people in Asia but also a unique diversified culture – there are 54 ethnicities living across the country. Get a taste of Vietnam as you travel!

World Expeditions’ Vietnam by Bike 15 day tour provides you with the opportunity to see that without a doubt cycling is one of the finest ways to discover a country where hospitality comes as second nature. Departing on 19 December 2016.


5. Laos

Big Buddha inside the Wat Wisunalat

Big Buddha inside the Wat Wisunalat

Christmas is all about family, so why not take them with you on an adventure through Laos. Step back in time and explore the incredibly beautiful Buddhist town of Luang Prabang, here you’ll witness the dawn procession of hundreds of monks collecting alms. From learning to cook the Laos way to discovering remote villages, this trip provides something for the whole family.

Celebrate Christmas on our Laos Family Adventure trip for 7 days. Departing 24 December 2016.


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