Next level ‘glamping’ in Jordan’s Valley of the Moon


Imagine staying in futuristic domes that offer amazing stargazing spectacles and a vista of sand dune valleys and rugged mountains.

You can experience that and more in the incredible Sun City Camp, which is at the heart of Wadi Rum’s desert (also known as the Valley of the Moon).

The Sun City Camp is the first region to offer such dome tents where you can lay beneath a blanket of stars, and the magnificent moon, from the comfort of your bed. It’ll take you millions of miles away from earth!

Some of our Jordan trips now offer the option to upgrade from a Standard Tent to a Martian Dome Tent for luxury and cosiness, while still living the authentic desert experience.

The living quarters have individual air-conditioning, a private bathroom, and even your very own viewing terrace.

Would you want to stay here?

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