The Silk Road Unfolded


Sometimes we travel not just to relax on a beach or stay in 5-star hotels, but to create a map in our heads; to put faces on heroes we read about; to get to know their descendants; to see what they saw; to walk in their footsteps.

“To experience the most evocative of destinations today, the fabled Silk Road, you require a battle plan rather than an itinerary and it is all better left to the experts” claims Maria who joined one of our Silk Road trips lately.

She created this captivating video. What unfolds before the mind’s eye is an astonishing landscape occupied by magicians, monks, merchants and musicians, migrating alongside heavenly mares and camel-loads of silk, glass, spices and untold treasures.

Following in the footsteps of a scholarly monk, crossing the whole of China and plunging into Central Asia, you will find fellow travellers with similar mystical temperaments, bewitched by deserts and attracted to nomadic life.

We hope the Silk Road video inspires you to follow in the footsteps that generations before us already walked. For a complete overview of our trips that follow the Silk Road, or parts of it, have a look here. And if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of travel experts around the world.

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